10 Thrifting Tips Everyone Should Know

10 Thrifting Tips Everyone Should Know

Thrift stores are my to go places! The reason is it’s very cheap and you will find some pretty cool vintage things. If you lucky you’ll find those big brands for like five bucks! I’m not joking I found a couple Ralph Lauren and Levis. The key is “You have to look from the front of the store to the back of the store.” Now I’m teaching you guys how to become an expert thrift queen.

  1. Take a trip down to the rich neighborhoods instead of the small towns.
  2. Don’t shop on Saturday — shop Wednesday instead.
  3. Please don’t be shy ask when your thrift store restock so you can choose the best day to shop.
  4. Don’t want to go to the store? Shop on Goodwill online for even better deals.
  5. Give yourself at least a 45-minute time limit per store.
  6. Keep a Pinterest board full of items you’re looking for to keep yourself on track.
  7. Make friends with the employees, and they’ll hook you up.
  8.  💡  Remember you should be saving at least 80-95% on new retail prices.
  9. Worst things to buy are swimsuits and underwear.
  10. Download the Goodwill App if you have one for your area.

For more thrifting tips, go check out my video:




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