20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hello there sunshines! I’ve spent many weeks now trying to figure out what to post on here and came to a conclusion, write the big twenty facts about yours truly, Sjay.

1. It’s so funny how people ask me where do I get “Jay” from, but in reality Jay is my middle name.
2. I used to have a six pack in high school and I thought as soon as you get one it’ll stay there permanently… Guess what? I was wrong ??
3. I’m more of a tea person than coffee person. I just hate the after taste of coffee and makes me teeth feel weird. Sorry, coffee lovers.
4. Throughout my whole childhood I was only color person in my whole school until I got to 7th grade where it was 90% African American students and it was very hard to get adjusted to it.
5. I hate peas, red velvet, tomatoes, and pickles. ?? Don’t give me wrong I love ketchup for my fries and that’s it!
6. I have one lonely freckle on my face.
7. I’m secretly the goofiest and earthy person you’ll know.
8. I only sleep when the room is cold. I personally think I go to sleep faster, if the air condition is on. I can’t absolutely not sleep in hot room I will get cranky and yucky.
9. My whole life everybody I met pronounce my name wrong. I never met one person that said it right.
TIP: “Shadlyn” ? the “d” in my name is silent. Just in case one of my viewers ran into me in person lol.
10. Freshman year in high school, I was bullied for wearing a jean jacket that matches my jeans. I started crying at home and threw away that jacket. It’s funny that now it’s all popular and whatever. Old Fashion turns into new fashion in next couple years.
11. I have old soul living in a young body.
12. I do not catch up with trends, whatever I feel sexy and beautiful in I am going to rock it!
13. Before you guys ask me what type music I listen to… I definitely and rarely listen to today’s music. I’m type of woman that listens to meaning of it. I’m not going to lie I do like some songs today.
14. When I was younger, I used to watch r&b music videos and pretend I’m that background attractive dancer/singer.
15. I hate that I can’t wear those cute high-waist jeans… It just looks so weird on me because I’m like 5’0, but didn’t stop me from wearing mid-rise jeans!?
16. I love to dance! I try to make my friends or boyfriend to dance with me. I don’t care where we are at. I will literally dance at grocery store.
17. If you put on some Destiny’s Child on, you know damn well I will be singing every word! Don’t forget if you put on some R. Kelly on, I will be dancing non stop.
18. I change my style every year. No ifs or buts.
19. My role model when I was younger was Tyra Banks. She overcome my insecurities by watching her live videos on Google +. Very inspiring!
20. I will never in my life wear the color pink or orange. It’s just too girly for me.


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