4 Ways To Get Yourself Back Together

4 Ways To Get Yourself Back Together

SJAY back again telling you ways to get yourself back together after that breakup you just had! Sometimes moving on after a breakup is hard. If you want revenge I would say getting your sexy and happiness back is the best revenge! One quickest way to stop your negative thoughts is to distract it by moving your attention from your mind into your body, what I mean is eating more healthy and getting back on your daily exercise routine.

Here are ways to get yourself back together:

  1. GET SWEATY! Wear your favorite workout gear and head to your local gym or park. After that switch it up to yoga to help you relax and consider having the dream body you always wanted.
  2. CLEAN OUT YOUR MAKEUP BAG. Updating your daily makeup look helps you feel desirable and confident again.
  3. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE! Do one thing every day that scares you, says Eleanor Roosevelt. Like completing just one task you find difficult to do will remind you that you’re freaking awesome!
  4. TREAT YOURSELF.                You should treat yourself every now and then because your awesome and amazing person! Go for a facial, manicure, or get some highlights in your hair.

Getting your sexy back after a breakup is the best revenge!

You may feel doomed for life to never love again, but you need to realize getting your sexy and happiness back is great medicine for what ails you.


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