Shadlyn Jay is known as Sjay among the people who know her closely. Sjay has the crown of founding a unique website known as SjayStyle back in 2015. The only purpose of this venture as Sjay explains is to share and discuss her experience which led to the self-improvement in her life. This self-improvement revolves around but is not limited to personal skills, beauty and outlook and the insights of lifestyle. Based on her words when I spoke with her, she stated she want to stand up for all the people who felt like they didn’t fit in growing up, who knew they were different inside than the rest.

At last, Sjay defines this transition as, “I treat myself as a goddess because I am a goddess.” Sjay is doing a continuous and thorough effort to share her experience with you so that one day you get to be the same confident and utterly happy human being that she is today.