Dealing With a Breakup

Dealing With a Breakup

Okay, so your now just stalking your ex’s Instagram, sending them nonstop text messages about you want to get back with them, and sleeping with some stranger will only make you feel even worse than before. BOOM! You just got a notification from your girl SJAY and she posted about dealing with a breakup (in a positive way). Well, here some useful ways to get over an ex instead of begging for them get back with you.

  • Don’t blame yourself for
    the reason it happened. 

    Just give yourself a time limit so you don’t waste your life by crying over that person forever. Like you aren’t going to stay unhappy forever. You might as well just start getting happy now! (:
  • Get rid of everything that
    reminds you of this person.
    But if you don’t want to unfollow or block them just yet (hey, I understand it’s not that easy for some people), start out slow what I mean is mute them from your social medias.

  • Hit up your most supportive
    best friend!
    Reason why I said that because if you let your feelings out to someone you care about and understand, you will more likely feel less angry and sad.
  • Pamper yourself! (New look New attitude)
    Maybe give yourself a YOU DAY, or bake something that you been craving for the longest. What I mean is do something that quantifies your love for yourself because you love yourself, Right? STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL and other bad things that will affect your body, it won’t make your breakup any easier — don’t rely on them to get over your ex!
  • Please don’t rush into a new relationship, if you
    still have feeling for the person.
    You don’t want to drag your problems into someone else’s life. You may end up realizing that your new partner is someone you barely know or don’t have any interest in. Just Focus on getting better and you are not alone in this journey.
  • Allow yourself time to improve and time to have fun with friends!
    You are worth more than just a heartbreak, sunshine! Open a new chapter of your life.
  • Get Perky!
    Yes, I know you’re not ready to get back out there just yet… But that doesn’t mean you should shut down your wish. Just do something to keep your sexual energy up even if it is on low at this moment.

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