Diary #3: Taking Action

Diary #3: Taking Action

Dear Diary,

I woke up saying why not wake up and enjoy fresh air to boost up my mood. Did you know? If you go just 15 minutes of sitting outside in both the park and forest can make you happier. I found that out in my psychology class while back and it actually works! The reason why my title says “Taking Action” because I want to improve my weaknesses and make my strengths even stronger.

I will improve my weaknesses by:
– checking out a book dealing with what I want to improve on
– listen to self-help audiobooks and focusing on the positive
– Build confidence and have time for me, myself, and I

I will identify your strengths and make them stronger to the point my mind can lift up an elephant.
– Take good look in the mirror and give self a pep talk
– Put on my big girl panties on and ask my surroundings for some honest feedback.
– Develop a plan of action.

Happy August! Accomplish your this month goals for yourself!


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