Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

“To be BEAUTIFUL means to be YOURSELF!” ~Sjay

Never think that you will better-being someone else or that others are better off than you. Everyone has their own problems and demons to face; some people have problems that you can see whereas others are not so open about it. The important thing is to always be free and comfortable in whom you are.  You are who you are, nothing can change that. Accept it. Learn to feel good about it. If you’re also looking for ways to feel more comfortable with yourself, I recommend:

  • Remember a time you felt truly amazing about yourself.
  • Focus on wearing flattering clothes that complement your body or hide that body for that awesome spouse.
  • Shift the negative and swearing words to a gracious and loving one.
  • Stop judging other people’s appearance, just to feel good about yourself.

You are in charge of how you feel about yourself.  When you accept the fact that you’re in charge of your own vision of beauty, you can truly love the way you look inside and out.





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