Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

People need to realize finding happiness within you have to be the best friend of your own. You have to love yourself, happiness is not something you find, and it is something you create. We need to realize the secret of happiness, instead of waiting for the secret to come out: I would say everyone needs to know is to make yourself happy. Don’t be every other average human society expects you to be. I don’t believe there is a definition of happiness and I know that everyone has a different definition of it. One person’s happiness is another person’s misery you can have a hiker who is happy to go out hiking around with their hiking group, but that person is still proud to own a small furry friend which brings out the gentle and happy side in them. You can have a man who found the wife of his dreams and they have 3 beautiful children that they love with all his heart. You can have another old woman who is independent and chose not to get married and have any children, but she is still content with her life.

1.) Finding yourself and knowing yourself completely for who you are, inside and out.

It’s not just listening to that voice in your heart, but following it as well – a language that is both as easy as it is complicated. It is finding an equal balance between what your hearts says and what your brain says; what you feel and what your emotions are versus common sense and morality. Finding that balance in yourself will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and give you confidence, radiance, and your own voice. It’s being you and not letting anyone else change or ruin who you are.

2.) Finding and doing the things that make you happy without fear of judgment from other people. If you’ve mastered the first secret, then you will know yourself well enough to take the risks to try things you think you may like, use the talents you’ve already been gifted with to utilize them into something you enjoy, or both. And all the while, you’re holding your own against the people who try to bring you down and tell you that you can’t do something because it only enforces you to prove them wrong and show that you not only can do it.That you’ll be loving every moment of whatever it is that makes you happy.

The question is so then, what is happiness? For example, unhappiness happens when people want things. The more you want, the less happy you will be. Most of us will say happiness is a short-lived emotion for doing what we want. The feeling never lasts for long which causes us to yet again move on to the next thing and off to the next just like a roller coaster or windmill.

Don’t be expecting to be happy all the time its unrealistic expectation of life…

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