Forever Denim

I’m sorry for being behind on my blog, School is such a drag! Everything is just so denim-y and blue-y. I thought it was time for a new look and stop wearing less black. I’ve been wanting to buy more colorful and neutral colors, but I always come out the store with only black clothes. I wanted something eye-catching and fresh for once in my life. I just did it and never turned back. Sure, there’s been just a few moments that I’ve missed wearing only dark colors but guess what… It’s time for a change and I noticed it affected my mood in a more positive way I felt more happier. George absolutely LOVES my new fashion taste. He wants me to rock and strut an imaginary catwalk for the rest of my life. Such a sweetheart I tell ya! I love this style for me and it suits me very well. For now on all denim is my favorite look!


Denim Button Down Top. Jean Shorts. Shoes.

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