Get Over Self-Doubt

Get Over Self-Doubt

“One who believes he will fail, most likely will.”
“One who believes he will win, most likely will.” – anonymous

Every day we face obstacles and situations in life that bring our morale down. Whenever we come face to face with a failure even on a very small level, we start doubting ourselves and everything that we stand up for. That is wrong! This approach will only bring you down rather than making you feel better. To overcome this, you need to follow some rules. A wise man once said, If you have been doing good, then obviously you are doing something right. Just remember that. Keep doing what you have been doing and you will continue to do well. The next time you feel anxiety during anything you are facing, say to yourself: “I’ve done well on throughout my past, so I should do good in the future and present as well.”

Firstly, do not plan everything to the very last detail. Leave something to chance as well. Try to be inspired all the time. This may seem like a tough job but once you’re on the lookout you will get inspiration from even the smallest of things.

Secondly, forget about what everyone else is thinking of you. The only way is to build confidence from little things. For example, like doing exercises every day, awarding yourself every other blue moon, and so on. If you forget about what everyone else thinks about you; I promise you’ll continue to not hold you back from doing something potentially big for yourself.

Finally, Stop comparing your achievements to your friends’ nor anyone else. You have to first realize that everyone has their OWN life, their OWN path to success. It’s life, it’s not a race between you, your friends, nor anyone else. These are NOT your competitors. Put your attention back into your own life and the things that you need to do, instead of worrying about whether the person next door has done everything before you do.

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