How to Glow Up During Summer Break

How to Glow Up During Summer Break
We all go through a stage of life which demands an iron will self-esteem and unstaggering belief in ourselves in order to get through a rough patch. School can be that time for a lot of teens, it is tough and the worst we could be is insecure. Girls nowadays, especially the teens who just enter into the world of adulthood and trends tend to make the girls in the magazines their role models. It is, however, what makes them highly insecure about themselves. This has led to producing a large population of teen girls who are completely insecure about their looks and are not satisfied with themselves at all. There is a great need to build up the lost self-esteem and just EXPLAIN to these girls that even the girl in the magazines does not look like the girl in the magazine! 
Here are some great ways to glow up during summer break:
Surround yourself with the positive crowd
Peers and your circles affect the way you think and act. They influence everything you do and if you are surrounding yourself with girls who are just too insecure about themselves, are constantly complaining about their weight and are never satisfied with themselves then it is time to find a new crowd.
  • A crowd that is happy in their skins strives to achieve the greater good and does not spend much of its time complaining of what they have not been blessed with is one of you. 
  • You do not need whiny complaining girls around you! You are a secure and satisfied girl and even if you desire to make a few changes in your appearance it is fine. But don’t go overboard. 
  • Keep your confidence alive.
Do the Mirror prep talks
If you want to gain back your lost confidence, every day does some mirror prep talks.
  • Talk to your reflection and tell it how great it looks. How your eyes are so perfect and how your body looks amazing in the dress you have draped. 
  • Talk to yourself and point out the good things and not just the flaws. You will realize that you are human; flawed yet blessed with a lot at the same time.
Don’t ignore personal hygiene. EVER!
It is hard to respect and love yourself when you don’t feel good within yourself and if you do not take care of yourself, people are not going to respect you either. So ladies, NEVER leave the house without the proper hygiene maintenance.
  • Brush your teeth daily, smell fresh and clean and shower daily. These things keep you clean and help you feel fresh every day. 
  • Stay prim and proper while staying comfortable!
So if you are feeling a little insecure and discontent within your own skin then start of this daily regime of keeping your self-esteem and confidence alive.
Keep happy and self-sufficient people around you, keep treating yourself with praises and take good care of your personal hygiene!
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