Diary #5: Goals For The New Year

Diary #5: Goals For The New Year

Let’s talk about 2018 since we’re all excited that 2018 officially came! The plans I have for Sjaystyle.com is exciting and mouth dropping! I decided to make a little change on here. Don’t worry I am not changing the name, but I am going to start focusing on things that I love to do and talk about, which is fashion and lifestyle mainly.

X More Quality Content

X Set Loyal Blog Schedule for SjayStyle.com That Works For Me

X Attend to More Events

X Connect With Other Bloggers

What I found out about myself was beauty is not really my cup of tea. I believe that if you are not passionate about what you write, then why do it? I will film about skin care on my youtube channel because I am all for a healthy and glowy skin. Anyways, I will no longer write articles about beauty related to makeup and hair.

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  1. 01/18/2018 / 3:13 PM

    Well you are clearly working on the last goal!! Good job reaching out on facebook groups – its a great way to learn and network.

    • 01/18/2018 / 3:48 PM

      Thanks, Amy! It means a lot hearing from other people 😊

  2. 01/19/2018 / 12:16 PM

    If you aren’t enjoying your topic, do change. I write about food, fitness, healthy lifestyle, fashion, and cats. Most people get thrown off by the last one because it doesn’t seem to relate – but you have to do you, right?

    • 01/19/2018 / 1:55 PM

      I agree with you! I learned my lesson when I first started blogging and I always doing what everybody else was doing. I was only doing it for traffic and not enjoying it.

  3. 01/19/2018 / 6:49 PM

    Hey Girl Hey! Great goals. It’s so cool that you found your niche, keep writing, about whatever you choose. I’m sure it will be all kinds of fabulous.

  4. 01/19/2018 / 9:58 PM

    Good for you! Why focus on things that don’t set your soul on fire! I’m scheduling more posts too and oh my goodness it takes a burden off my shoulders, knowing I have content backed up for about a month and a half!

  5. 01/19/2018 / 10:58 PM

    Your blogging goals are great and completely realistic! I need to do the same with regard to attending more events and connecting with other bloggers. I also agree that you have to be passionate about what you’re writing about; otherwise, you can become resentful, or frustrated with blogging.

  6. 01/20/2018 / 12:36 AM

    I’m a new blogger (I’ve had blogs before but they were really more like digital diaries I wrote for myself) and I really appreciate this advice!

    • 01/20/2018 / 11:01 PM

      No probs, love! I am glad you took the time to read my article.

  7. 01/20/2018 / 6:50 AM

    I love that you’ve shared your journey with us! A virtual diary is brilliant. Doing what you love more just seems to make sense. Seeing you wildly successful, my dear! Blessings, Evelyn

    • 01/20/2018 / 11:03 PM

      Thanks! I felt like writing a virtual diary to myself and others will help me and others. Plus have something to read in the future to see improvement of myself.

  8. Stephanie Jeannot
    01/20/2018 / 11:02 AM

    I want to attend to more events as well. That would be a great thing to do in 2018. Best of luck achieving your goals.

    • 01/20/2018 / 11:04 PM

      Thank you so much! You should do it as well, I start my first meet up event next month and I certainly let you know about my experience

  9. Elizabeth O
    01/20/2018 / 6:23 PM

    It looks like you have your goals clearly set and ready to smash them. Writing about what you are passionate about is the most important step 🙂

    • 01/20/2018 / 11:08 PM

      Right!!! I am definitely ready to smash them all this year lol.

  10. 01/22/2018 / 12:44 AM

    Something is only sustainable if you are passionate about it… if it is not something you’re really loving, it’s hard to maintain it. So good that you already figured out what you’re really into, so that you can focus on that and weed out the things that don’t bring you joy to write about.

  11. 01/22/2018 / 5:48 AM

    More quality content is also one of my goals for this year! I know how hard it can be, especially because I have so much to do and so many stuff going on that its easy to fall behind and just try to make something quickly for posting sake -_-

    Good luck girL! Cheering for you 🙂

    • 01/22/2018 / 12:05 PM

      I am glad you understand me well! Good luck to you as well 🙂

  12. 02/12/2018 / 12:50 PM

    Nice to know that you’ve found out what doesn’t suit you! I’ve also realised, writing about makeup and beauty is not really me… I don’t mind writing about it occasionally but not all the time~

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