My Childhood Memories

My Childhood Memories

A trip down memory lane where there was no worrying about bills or getting a job – my earliest childhood memory.
I moved from Erlanger to Memphis when I was 13 and to Louisville when I started freshman year in high school, so all the early memories are from when I was in Erlanger. Before you ask me where is Erlanger located at; it’s small town in Northern Kentucky and 15 mins away from Cincinnati

Not sure how early we want to go – so here are a few

I remember playing in our backyard and around the house in Erlanger, we had a little kiddie kitchen and of course these stuff animals that are called “Webkinz.” My little sister and I would make a town full of boxes and drew some windows on it. Then, took all our Webkinz out and pretend they were people living in a small town. We had a mayor, bodyguards, kids, parents, and students. Just to put this out there we had 25 Webkinz in total, so trust me we collect them every other month and don’t get me started on Christmas we both got few Webkinz to add on our collection.
Shocking news – after we got older we gave them away to goodwill. Let me change that “I” gave it away because I was in that phase where it was for babies.

I always remember those sizzling summer days in my childhood. I always knew summer time was near is when my best friend, Morgan, and Reagan across the street came knocking on my door asking me to go swimming in their big pool or climb their beautiful tree and talk about boys and school.
I can also remember how we play Marco and Polo, Red over Red, Hide n Go Seek, freeze tag. All the childhood games you can think of we did it. It was more fun when all the neighborhood kids did it with us.

I remember my mom sign me up for this ballet program. Guess what I was the only black little girl who was on the stage with my little braid with those plastic ribbons in. At the end of the big competition, I had with my team and some other snobby team from a different town. There was a nice handful of black parents came up to my family and I told us that I was beautiful, set a great example for the black community, and best ballerina girl ever they looked at me like I was Beyonce or something.

I know this will sound really mean in so many ways. When I was younger I used reserve psychology on my parents when I got in trouble about something and my little brother always gets the blame for it because of me. To be honest I just didn’t want to get whooping because who doesn’t want them. If my little brother is reading this, I am sorry.
Update- I told my brother about me lying during our childhood and he somewhat forgives me.

What are your earliest childhood memories? I’d love you to share in the comments below.
I’ll be back couple days from now with another prompt from the daily blogging challenge I’m doing.

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