My Favorite Netflix Shows

Hola! I am back to my normal self. What I mean is I been watching a bunch of Netflix shows as soon as the spring semester ended and it is safe to say I made good grades this semester! I decided to try something different and share you guys my favorite Netflix shows that make me laugh or think. So, here we go my top ten favorite Netflix shows that I am:

  1. The Office
    I can literally watch this show on repeat and still laugh.
  2. Dear White People
    People would say this show is “racist”, but I think is very relatable for a person of color. Me personally I can relate to most of the things they show in each episode based on experience.
  3. 13 Reasons Why
    Now, this show is very interesting and you wouldn’t except it once they show the last episode of season 1. I would tell you guys, but I want you to feel shocked like how I did.
  4. How to Get Away With Murder
    Excellent show! It is similar to Scandals but more of a college type of show but dealing with murder cases as a law student. I personally don’t like Scandal cause its boring until season 4, which is disappointing.
  5. Orange is the New Black
    I have been watching this show since a high school senior year and it hasn’t disappointed me yet! I am still waiting for Season 6 to hurry up!
  6. Degrassi: The Next Class
    Great show! I never watch Degrassi before until last year when this show release. I do regret not watching any Degrassi how when I was in grade school because it is very relatable for a lot of students that is in grade school.
  7. Weeds
    I wouldn’t think I would like this show, but after a couple of episodes, I actually enjoy it. It is about a willow that is supporting her sons and this big house that her husband left behind by selling weed. Then fall in love with her husband’s brother. Trust me there is a lot twist in this show.
  8. On the Block
    I don’t know why, but I love high school movies because the majority of high school shows the students having an interesting life and never had an interesting life in high school to show anyone. So, I guess it fascinates me and wishing I had an exciting life. Anyways, this show is basically about group middle school kids move on up to high school with the big boys and one of their friends got caught up in a gang and they are trying to get him out.
  9. She Gotta Have It (2017)
    The reason I put 2017 on the aside because they have a show exactly like this, but in 1986. This show is about a black woman who struggles to stay true to herself while having three lovers.
  10. Chewing Gum
    I promise you this show will make you feel awkward in certain scenes, but I think that is the purpose of the show. I don’t have much to say about this show but it is interesting to watch when all your shows are over with. 😆

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you guys check out and watch my favorite shows and tell me if you enjoy it much as I do. Xo



  1. 2018-05-10 / 10:46 AM

    I love The Office too! Also relatable for someone in corporate America. You have some good pics. I got bored with 13 reasons but plan to binge Dear White People next weekend!

  2. Trae
    2018-05-10 / 11:00 AM

    I really wanted to love chewing gum…didn’t get far and turned it off. Maybe I will give it another go since it’s one of your faves.

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