Press On Nails: A Thing I Surprisingly Love

Press On Nails: A Thing I Surprisingly Love

A wise woman once said, “Once you start using press on nails, you’ll never go back.”

Guess who that wise woman is Shadlyn Jay. I used to spend thousands ($21.00×52= $1092) just to get full set acrylics each week when I was in high school. Of course! Once you get out of high school you try to find the cheapest route to satisfied yourself. What I discovered was press on nails and they only cost $7.49 at my local drug store. I think it’s a great deal instead of me going to the nail salon each week. I saved $702.52, just by walking toward the cheapest route. The reason why I want to share this because if you can’t afford what you love to do. Try to find the cheap way similar to what you love to do.

Here are seven ways to spend your money wisely:

1: Scout for coupons

Coupons, coupons, and more coupons! Do your research before going any store by checking out coupon sites like or

2: Hit up the thrift shop

If you are in a situation where you need to buy an office desk or dresser, drive to your local thrift store before buying one from a furniture store.My video explains more details on how to shop at thrift store

3: Buy more to save more

Buying in bulk would save you a little, right?  Think future and you would be shocked on how much you have saved. My boyfriend spent 10 loads of toilet paper and it still lasting as we speak.

4: Keep Track your daily spending

You should keep track of your daily spending and who knows you might save a lot in the future without you knowing it.

5: Know the difference between your needs vs wants

Wants are expenses that help you live more comfortable. Needs are expenses that relate to food, water, and shelter.

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