Product Review: Pantene Gold Series

Product Review: Pantene Gold Series

Before I tried Pantene Gold Series I was having second guess thoughts like my hair probably dried out real quick or I maybe am allergic to their ingredients. Then, I toughen up and tried it out last night. Now let me tell you this… When I apply the conditioner in my hair I was like shocked it made my hair so soft that I couldn’t stop touching it. I’m not even joking Pantene Gold Series has the best and affordable conditioner ever for my kinky hair! I’m definitely switching over to them when it comes to moisturizing my hair.

Pro: the conditioner focus on keeping your hair soft and giving the moisture it needs. You don’t even have to use a lot of it compare to others. I can only imagine what their deep conditioner does. 😳😱

Con: the shampoo wasn’t the best results it made my hair feel stringy.

FUN FACT: The red towel use to be a white towel and I promise you guys it was not my fault! Lesson learned never let your grandmother do laundry just do it yourself.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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