Turn your Insecurities into Confidence

Turn your Insecurities into Confidence

“I treat myself as a goddess because I am a goddess” – Sjay

I used to spend an awful lot of time looking in the mirror just talking about how I look or worrying about people thought of me, or if my clothes are cool enough for the “cool kids”. Or whatever.

We all have insecurities, which is just a part of who and what we are. If I ask you what adjectives do you use to describe yourself? If you said more negative things about yourself, it’s time evaluate your mindset. forever alone, not attractive, chubby, unlovable, are all WRONG. The secret to success lies in how we allow these insecurities to influence us. Do we make a big deal out of it and start to doubt ourselves or do we turn this into something positive? Well if you want to be successful start by sharing your struggles with others. You can do it anonymously too.  Find someone younger than you who you can mentor. This way you will become an important part of someone’s life too.

Couple more things that you can do is find yourself a creative medium to express yourselves. Here’s an interesting activity I learned when I’m feeling down about myself:
Write down your insecurities, then burn it or shred it! Now ask yourself, “What do I love about myself?” This is something people don’t do nearly enough. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the steps to self-improvements.

Step 3: here 
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  1. Brittany
    2016-02-17 / 4:25 AM

    I used to be insecure about my weight, but I did something about it and now I’m so happy with myself. I walk like yassss girl you look great lol

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