What is Sjay Style?

Sjay Style™ blog is a place of styling, lifestyle, and inspiration. Started in 2015 by Shadlyn Lattimore, a blogger, and youtuber from Kentucky who shares her story about building self-confidence, creating diy, and showing off her budget-friendly style, it has grown into a fashion and lifestyle blog, also self-improvement tips. We believe strongly in loving yourself first, before loving anyone else. We hope that you leave this site with either inspiration.

Who is SJAY?

Hello, sunshine and welcome! I’m Shadlyn Jay, but call me Sjay! I am 20-something Kentucky native, currently living in Kentucky still. Also, I am a college student that’s pursuing a bachelors degree in Communications. The reason why I started blogging is to share my story about self-hate and being bullied when I was younger. After I took a whole year break after high school I started figuring out who I am and started loving myself for who I am and my goal is to inspire people to love themselves. If you guys want to know more about me, I have written a blog post specifically more about 20 facts about me. Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for reading!! Xo

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