Dealing with Negative People

Dealing with Negative People

Okay, let’s be honest! It’s a falsehood if I tell you that everything is good and skippy da do fine, even if you understand why this or that happens you can still find yourself around unpleasant and crappy situations caused by other people. People can vibrate in many ways, depends on what will their vibrations rise or low, it can be positive or negative, but both require feeling that will make them feel that way.

Anybody can be positive as they can be negative, it’s always you who choose how your vibration will flow until you don’t become one of those two. Positive people will immediately make you positive also, those people spark with that and you feel the same when you are around them cause you vibrate on the same frequency.

1) Do not let the snakes in your life bring you down. When people start talking negative and showing hate, then just throw a big smile and walk away. People have a way of pulling you into their negative vibe, and then you start to come negative as well. Don’t let that happen!! Don’t even respond or dignify their negativity with any answers. You owe them nothing.

When you just smile and walk away, they will always wonder why you’re smiling. Like you know something they don’t know, and it will drive them up the wall type of crazy. What I’m saying is if they say negative things to you, just say with a tiny smile that you appreciate their concern and then change the subject or walk away.

2) Don’t allow their negativity change who you are, like don’t try to win with them. Just take care of you and yours, and let them wallow in their negativity.

Stay Positive, sunshine!

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